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2009-2010 Program

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Health Innovation Household through Healthcare Information Distribution System Framework

Advanced sensor and intra and inter network communication technologies can enable individual family homes to be equipped with health monitoring systems and connected to healthcare specialists such as clinicians, physicians, and researchers through the healthcare network. The framework study for community testbeds (1000-homes) and healthcare information distribution system will provide healthcare providers a means to access necessary after-subscription care and data from patients and healthcare equipment vendors a test-bed to check their product effectiveness, such as compatibility, usability, and long-term impact. Merging patient information, such as medical, lab, and daily activities information collected from their daily lives at home with that of their typical Electronic Medical Record and delivering key pieces of that information to the healthcare providers' desktop PCs or advanced handheld devices enhance the quality of healthcare. In addition, as electronic medical records are more widely adapted, information exchange (or distribution) systems make the telemedicine available to home and reduce number of visits to medical facilities. This is critical for older adults aging in place where monitoring to prevent emergency care is important, unnecessary travel to healthcare providers could be hazardous, and mobility is limited.

Investigators: Brian Jones (GT, Aware Home Research Initiative) and Myung Choi (Georgia Tech Research Institute)

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