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The following is a list of publications produced by HSI related faculty and students. The link for each paper leads you to the citation, keyword, and abstract. For copies of the full papers, please use standard methods for obtaining academic publications, such as online library searches.

Dust & Magnet: multivariate information visualization using a magnet metaphor

Authors: J. S. Yi, R. M. Ponder, J. Stasko, J. Jacko


Information Visualization

Abstract: The use of multivariate information visualization techniques is intrinsically difficult because the multidimensional nature of data cannot be effectively presented and understood on real-world displays, which have limited dimensionalities. However, the necessity to use these techniques in daily life is increasing as the amount and complexity of data grows explosively in the information age. Thus, multivariate information visualization techniques that are easier to understand and more accessible are needed for the general population. In order to meet this need, the present paper proposes Dust & Magnet, a multivariate information visualization technique using a magnet metaphor and various interactive techniques. The intuitive magnet metaphor and subsequent interactions facilitate the ease of learning this multivariate information visualization technique. A visualization tool such as Dust & Magnet has the potential to increase the acceptance of and utility for multivariate information by a broader population of users who are not necessarily knowledgeable about multivariate information visualization techniques.

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Citation: Yi, J. S., Melton, R., Stasko, J., & Jacko, J. A. (2005). Dust & Magnet: Multivariate Information Visualization using a Magnet Metaphor. Information Visualization, 4(4), 239-256.

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