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Analyzing and Redesigning Medicaid for Children in the State of Georgia

The project involves research and development activities that will significantly support and drive modernization of the Medicaid program for children in the State of Georgia. Research involves a comprehensive ten-step process of interrelated and coordinated activities that will take place over the next three years. These activities will be pursued and carried out jointly by a team of interdisciplinary researchers and clinicians at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Georgia Tech. The project will also serve as a model for other states to adopt.

Projects I through IV involve novel modeling activities that will provide the evidence-based foundation for evaluating and designing the current and future Medicaid system and its impact on the current and future health of children in Georgia. The model has three primary components: Project I – Modeling State Medicaid System and Associated Costs; Project II – State Health Outcomes Measurement System and Dashboard; and Project III – State Intervention Evaluation Model. Project IV integrates all three models and runs the models to identify and prioritize Medicaid medical, health, and wellness critical needs.

Critical to all Projects, Project V consists of the design, development, implementation, and use of a Community Health Record to collect, inform, and fully track the health of children in Georgia and utilize the information for (1) delivery and management of preventive and clinical care, (2) improvement of care, and (3) research to further improve the Medicaid system and design new cost-effective interventions.

Projects VI through VIII involve the identification, pre-evaluation, pilot testing, and selection of best novel and existing medical, health, and wellness interventions to address prioritized critical needs.

Project IX consists of the final selection, full-scale implementation, deployment and monitoring of best interventions with high ROI for the State of Georgia.

Project X is a longer term research and development initiative consisting of transforming current preventive care and medical practice to lead the nation in designing tools and technologies to enable predictive, personalized, and preemptive health for children in Georgia.

Sponsor: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta / State of Georgia

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