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Workforce Health Assessment Model

The project objective is to develop a new workforce health assessment model to provide employers the ability to estimate workforce health risk and assist in the determination and selection of cost-effective strategies to reduce those health risks and the associated long-term workforce health costs.

To educate employers and assist them in making optimal decisions regarding resource allocation among various workforce health risk management strategies, the project proposes to develop, in partnership with Comprehensive Health Services, Inc., a predictive model. This model will support the identification and quantification of health risks associated with the workforce and will provide the basis for a proactive analysis of the cost-effectiveness of various strategies and programs, in particular, programs designed to prevent and/or reduce those risks.

The initial model to be developed will provide workforce population estimates of health risks and consequences (in terms of estimated costs); thereby enabling analysis of general workforce population-based strategies and programs. This model will require input relating to workforce demographics, workforce and workplace characteristics, and other characteristics related to current programs. Based on this information, the model will provide estimates of health risks as well as estimates of consequences in terms of long-term health costs. The model will demonstrate where the employer can best impact such costs and will allow estimation of the impact of alternative strategies based on information related to their specific risk-reduction potential. In addition, the model will be designed so that estimates of the return on investment of alternative strategies can be estimated with the user providing implementation and operating cost estimates for alternative strategies.

Such a model is intended to provide overall estimates at the workforce population level, not at the individual employee level. In the future, the model should be supplemented by more precise on-going monitoring tools to identify risks at the individual level and inform specific individual-level interventions. This latter component is not part of the proposed project, but will be pursued in future research to augment the model being developed in this project.

Sponsor: Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.

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