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Visualized Decision Making: Development and Application of Information Visualization Techniques to Improve Decision Quality of Nursing Home Choice

Selection of a nursing home for a close family member is a crucial medical decision. In order to help consumers with this decision, several initiatives have resulted in public Web sites designed to share nursing home quality indicators (e.g., % of residents with pressure sores). However, it has been noted that the majority of consumers fail to fully utilize this information for various reasons (e.g., complexity of and uncertainty about the information).

Information visualization (InfoVis) techniques have recently emerged that have been demonstrated to alleviate some of these problems. Accordingly, we apply InfoVis techniques to the nursing home selection decision domain as follows. First, a framework of InfoVis and decision theories will be developed specifically contextualized for use in the nursing home selection decision domain. Second, appropriate InfoVis techniques will be designed and evaluated. The results of this study will not only aid individuals who are faced with selecting a nursing home, but also establish the groundwork for the utility and application of InfoVis tools in various medical and healthcare decision making domains.

Sponsor: Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center at Georgia Tech

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