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Supporting Pilot Procedure Following in Nominal and Off-nominal Situations Through Use of Displays of Procedure Context

This dissertation provides evidence that information displays to support procedure following can aid performance and increase situational awareness and safety. The intent of such displays is to assist operators in not only following operational procedures, but also in comprehending the context of the procedures, enabling them to understand why, when, and how to deviate from the procedures if necessary. The results of the dissertation research support several important and novel conclusions. First, the results show that the addition of procedure context increases situation awareness and reduces procedure-following errors, which has been shown to be a significant causative factor for accidents in aviation and other domains. Secondly, the results demonstrate that dynamic displays can be used for this purpose. Pilots were able to understand and utilize the information on the displays without additional workload. Despite their interest in, and ability to, detect noncompliance, a pilot's ability to comprehend noncompliance appears to be limited. Pilots do not appear be able to interpret the consequences of that noncompliance, suggesting that the design of displays and procedures should assist them in doing so. In addition, the results demonstrate that pilots attempted to use procedure information even when clearly outside the scope of the procedure. This means that procedures and procedure-support aids should consider operation outside of its normal bounds in their design, rather than only for nominal operation as is currently the case.

Julie A. Jacko, Ph.D. (Advisor)
François Sainfort, Ph.D.
Brani Vidakovic, Ph.D.
Andrew Sears, Ph.D.
Jennifer Ockerman, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator: Steven Landry, Ph.D.

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