Lorissa MacAllister

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Lorissa MacAllister

I am a first year PhD student working with Craig Zimring on Design and Health. I have worked in the architecture and consulting industry for over 12 with hospital systems on planning and integrating business operations and the environment. I am a licensed architect having worked on projects from small hospital department redesigns to complete replacement hospital. I have also worked extensively on creating green guidelines for hospital existing operations learning how to write guidelines to get a desired result has been a invaluable. I would be happy to talk to you more about my experience.

web link http://www.gghc.org/pilot.about.php

My main goal while at Tech is to continue to develop integrated planning tools to help transform the healthcare design and executive leadership industry. I hold a masters in architecture and a bachelors in social work. if you are interested in further information please see my website. http://www.enviah.com/