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A readmission is defined as a hospitalization that occurs shortly after a discharge; which is most often measured as within 30 days but it could be shorter or longer. Such readmission are often but not always related to a problem inadequately resolved in the prior hospitalization. Patients bounce back to hospital after discharge because they are not able to maintain the regiments of treatment at home. There are multiple problems for not being able to maintain the regiments of treatment at home. These are: lack of education, care-giver support, insufficient training to transition, not following the care plan, lack of ability to problem solve changes.

Team members - Zhuoyang Li & Pramit Sengupta & Lorissa MacAllister

Our Prototype: Kit-s.png (high resolution)

Our Poster: File:Poster Bounceback final.pdf

Our Flyer: File:Kit of Care - Flyer.pdf

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