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All Homework Assignments will be uploaded here. Please comeback later for more updates.

Week 1 (8/24, 8/26)

  • First week's assignment (1) create a personal member pages, (2) upload your reflection piece - as web page or a pdf document,
  • Each member should write a blog of their reflections after each day's class, how what they have learned that day (either from the lectures, readings, or case studies or from their team members or other disciplines), write about what's interesting, and what needs more clarification. Each person should also use their personal wiki page to add interesting readings, or annotated bibliography, post their sketches and ideas as well. Process is important, not just the final product. ;-)

Week 3 (9/6, 9/8)


Week 4 (9/13, 9/15)

on 9/13 Tuesday The class will meet at the Aware Home for a tour -

The Aware Home Research Institute 479 10th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318, USA map

House - 1st floor: 404-385-4092

House - 2nd floor: 404-385-4094

Fax: 404-385-4093

Additional Contact Information

Lab manager/tour/info Brian Jones Office: 404-894-1074

brian.jones AT imtc.gatech.edu

Week 5 (9/21, 9/23)

  • project 2 problem statement - ppt format or text

Upload the problem statements to the Project page

Week 16 Final Document Due (12/13, 12/15)

Iif you can get it done by Wednesday noon, Dec 14, Great! All instructors would then be able to meet and discuss all your projects.

If that's not possible, I am happy to give you the extension to 8 am of Sunday December 18th.

What's needed?

1. On the Class home page - http://www.hsi.gatech.edu/rebo/index.php/Course_Homepage

Each team should edit your project web site to include project name, project presentation slides, poster and brochure files, and the full report.

This is where we will check.

2.. In the project report - there should be a one page executive summary, then the report should have sections of

(1) introduction - motivation and the problems,

(2) related work, evidence and research about something related to your project,

(3) project description, include pictures, drawings of the project, explain all the components, how are they designed and fit together, include system diagram, clean picture of the project itself, diagram with call-outs, and picture of your team member with the project,

(4) challenges and opportunities, reflections about what works, and what did not work, and if you have more time, what would you do differently, what have you learned in the project, or the class, or the teamwork, what future work or application might there be,

(5) references

You should write the report in a way that explains things with enough details so a (smart" graduate student can look at your report and be able to reproduce the work (or to improve it further!)

- feel free to add construction pictures! there should be photos of your project, what have built -

- a picture of your project with all your members!

- many nice photos of your project

- at least one picture that has call-outs explaining all the components!

it's silly to ask what's the min or max of the report - 2 page is too short, and 20 pages is too long!

3. please remember add a "Final Project PPT slide" on the wiki -

after the OPEN HOUSE, if you are asked to do a presentation, can you do a coherent presentation about your project? can you give us 3 key slides (or more? no more than 10 please) - to specify the problem, and your innovations

Don't forget the 3 SLIDES with all the important stuff - you may get submitted for a prize, or be called to do show-n-tell for president's visit ;-)