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Young Sang  Choi

Young Sang Choi, Ph.D.

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Young Sang Choi joined the Ph.D. program and Center for Interactive Systems Engineering in August 2004. Prior to this, he worked for Samsung for 5 years, focusing on commercial mobile computing. His work at Samsung involved designing and implementing software for cellular phones, including WAP/Web browsers. His experience in industry motivated him to pursue an advanced degree in Human Computer Interaction and he graduated with a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) in 2009.

While at Georgia Tech and the Health Systems Institute, Dr. Choi studied human-robot interaction (HRI) issues involved in developing the robot El-E (pronunced as "Ellie"), an assistive mobile manipulation robot designed to help people with motor impairments. He conducted an assessment of user needs involving people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who experience progressive degeneration of the muscle system. This work helped define the needs of ALS patients in relation to robotic research and drive how El-E could be developed to improve the daily lives of these individuals. In conjunction with this research, he also designed and conducted human experiments testing the robot with patients. Specifically, comparing three different alternative interface mechanisms used to command the robot when locating an object. He also conducted projects focusing on human-computer interaction (HCI) in mobile devices, practices and psychology of product designers, and universal design for people with disabilities. Upon graduation, Young Sang went to work for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology located in Yong-In, Korea.

- B.S. 1997, Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea
- M.S. 1999, Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea
- Ph D. 2009, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Work Experience
- Research Institute of Engineering Science, Seoul National University (1998-1999); Research Assistant.
- Corporate Technology Operations, Samsung Electronics (1999-2004); Research Engineer
- Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (2009-present)

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