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About Me

  • I'm a Ph.D. student in Architecture at Georgia Tech, specializing in the area, ACB (Architecture, Culture, and Behavior). I got my Bachelor's degree in architectural engineering and had some time for practice back in Korea and came here at Tech for the professional degree in Architecture. Currently I'm very intersted in the role of physical environment such as addressing the needs of care model & process and then, involving in enhancing process and quality of care.
  • I'm also a mother of 16 months old boy! I haven't had serious experiences to be in a hospital with him yet. But just imagining that is quite terrifying... It would be out of imagination being actually in a hospital with the little one... I hope I can really understand their(families and children) feelings and needs and can reflect those into the design of the pediatric health center.

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Youngseon's Blog

Class 1 - Tue, Aug. 21st

Class 2 - Thur, Aug. 24th

Class 3 - Tue, Aug. 28th

Class 4 - Thur Aug. 30th Site Visit at the Children's at Hughes Spalding 5 observations