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Hi!! I am Vijay (Nick:Vj) and I am a Masters Student majoring in Health Systems beginning from this Fall 07. I hail from the charming city of Chennai erstwhile Madras in India and contrary to all expectation I am not a cousin of the Golfer Vijay Singh.

Apart from from my academic interests, I love music and I see a lot of movies/drama. I am a great fan of the British actor Rowan Atkinson and I am proud to say that I have seen all of his movies. I adore Hugh Laurie and his performance in House MD. I think that could be a big reason why I am here :-) I love taking photographs. I want to dance and I am looking forward to learn Salsa soon in this Fall break. I learned to play flute long time back but again I am completely out of touch so no live performances please ;-).

Coming to sports, though I am not a master of any, I desperately want to learn swimming. Unfortunately I have realized after repeated attempts that my body is structurally and physically incapable of floating - probably my mech friends could do their projects on this. I play table tennis and cricket rarely when I am bored with assignments.

For any comments/critique you can reach me @ vijayramnath [at] gmail [dot] com



The following contains a list of my assignments/documents submitted

Random thoughts

Lecture By Gerri Lamb

Perkin+Will Lecture

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