Travis Reineke Fischer

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Travis Fischer

My name is Travis R. Fischer and I am in my third semester for a Masters in Computer Science (graduating December 07). My main interest is in robotics and artificial intelligence, especially high-level task oriented AI and multi-agent systems. This summer I worked for Oceaneering Space Systems as a contractor on NASA Johnson Space Center's Robonaut project, where I did simulation programming for the R2 series next-generation Robonaut. I'm hoping to get a permanent job somewhere in the space industry around Houston once I graduate.

I was in the first iteration of the Patient Room of the Future course, where I helped design and prototype PILS, the Patient Interactive Communication and Learning System. The project focused on communication between Patient, Family and Caregivers and attempted to decrease patient isolation and increase information persistency by introducing digital video into the patient space. If you want to know more about it, please feel free to ask. The original prototype is still set up in the Navy ROTC building, so hopefully I can give a demo to the class.

I have a very bad back (specifically Spondylolysis), so if I do weird things (like stand in class instead of sit) or am irritable, forgive me I'm probably in pain. Hopefully, surgery in December will fix that.

I'm originally from Baytown, TX (45 minutes east of Houston), where my parents and fiancee still reside. Oh, and I have two cats Miho and Seras Victoria who keep me entertained when I'm not working.