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We are Team Alpha, continuing the grand tradition of Team Alpha from the previous Patient Room of the Future class, we're hoping to do something pretty exciting.

Team Members:

  • Travis Reineke Fischer: I am a Masters student in the College of Computing with a focus on Intelligent Systems (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence). This is the second time I've been in the Patient Room of the Future class. The first class my team, Team Alpha, put together PILS the Patient Interactive Communication and Learning System, which integrated video chat and touch-screen technologies into the patient room. You can reach me at tfisch(a)
  • Elaine Smith: I am a Masters student in Health Systems under the Industrial and Systems Engineering department. I work part time for Visiting Nurse, a home health hospice agency, helping them analyze and improve current process and technology systems. I am graduating in December, so hopefully this semester will end with a good job offer : ) You can reach me at
  • David Herren: I'm a student in the Health Systems program. I graduated from Georgia Tech in May with a degree in Biology. I run cross country and track here at tech and am in my final year. My GRA is with Dr. Sandra Fryhofer where I am improving her process of patient checkout. My email address is

Alpha Project Suggestions - This is a running set of suggestions for project ideas from Team Alpha

File:Team alpha pres1.pdf - The PDF version of our initial presentation of project ideas.

Alpha Final Project Suggestions (10/2) - This is the presentation for Oct. 2 of our final suggestions, principles, and questions.

Alpha Final Project Suggestions (10/11) - This is the presentation for Oct. 11 of our final proposed solutions.