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I am a Masters student in Industrial Engineering. I took Health Care Financial Management in Summer and kind of liked it. So I thought it might be cool to do this course. I will be graduating this Fall


Way Finding Problem

Lot of themes and icons have been used to overcome this problem. For example, DJ on 9/13 mentioned about the flower elevator and butterfly elevator. But I am puzzled how helpful these iconic symbols will be in a hospital, where people don't have the patience or rather composure to follow and infer these iconic symbols or themes.

I feel that this problem requires some technological blend with iconic symbols. Here are some of the ideas that I thought about:

  • Cost-effective solution: Install kiosks at the hospital entrance or rather at the parking garage pathway to the hospital entrance. These kiosks can print out the direction for the required department/ service
  • Costly but efficient solution: Develop a GPS kind of tool that would assist for directions inside the hospital. This could be made reusable. Further, some games can be integrated in this gadget (There are many popular hand held games which could keep the children engaging)
  • Intermediate Solution: Use destination specific RFIDs which can guide you. A RFID scanner can be installed in specific junctions which could then guide you to proceed in the appropriate direction. Like, the RFID scanner could be integrated with some audio output system which would say "Turn Left", "Take the Elevator to your left for the first floor" and so on...

Another offline thought: To transport the patients from Hugh Spalding to Grady, automated walkways (like the one in airports) could be used.

I would like to hear some thoughts or feedback. Feel free to e-mail your comments to [randeep@gatech.edu ]