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Michelle's Blog Page

8/28/07 Ideas: noise reduction, patient and family centered environment. Along these lines we might want to put baby changing facilities in the patient's room for the family to utilize. It was suggested in class to add structures for lifts even if they are not immediately added to the facility. A good idea that was suggested is beepers to give to the patient's family so they do not feel restricted to the patient's room.

I feel like the beepers are important. Today I was at Crawford Long as a family member of a patient. My mother and I went to get lunch in the cafeteria but left my dad in the room so that he could call us if the doctor came by because the doctor was supposed to come by before noon and it was 12:45 when we went down to the cafeteria (and the PA or Dr had not been by). So I want to implement something like this in the room design if possible.

Also for this center we need to look at maybe designing to handle patients with Sickle Cell and Asthma. We need to do research on these diseases to see if we can incorporate design aspects to handle these diseases better.