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"A bird does not sing because it has an answer it sings because it has a song..."

Aug 23 - Julia Jones (My experiences with design)

  • What exactly am I doing here? Do I want to take this course?
  • Dr. Chhabra welcome to the another side of patient care.
  • Aahaa there seems to be room for instant creativity here. Ofcourse I can come up with a procedure for Choledochoduodenostomy named after me as a surgeon as well, by the time I am 85.
  • How should a Pediatric set up be different in design?

- Pediatrics usually intervenes up to 14 years of age. That a huge age range to design for. Clinically we divide them into Neonates (0-7 days), Infants (7d - 2 years) and Children (2y-14y). All of them have different needs Egs Bed sizes.
- Hated waiting on labor calls during freezing winter nights. NICU should be close to OBG.
- Children collapse very fast as compared to adults. Centralized monitoring of vitals is very important.
- Children suffer from many blood disorders (Thallesemia, Sickel cell disease, ITP) which can be monitored remotely to some extent

  • Doctors have poor handwritings. Most times I cannot even read my own prescriptions. What makes it worse though is that most computers are not doctor friendly and the reverse is also true. Medical transcription is nt doing too well either.
  • Must make the design flexible for future needs.
  • This stuff can help me make Chhabra Hospital better. The new "Diabetes Center" which I plan to build eventually has a new designer on board.