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"A bird does not sing because it has an answer it sings because it has a song..."

Aug 23 - Julia Jones (My experiences with design)

  • What exactly am I doing here? Do I want to take this course?
  • Dr. Chhabra welcome to the another side of patient care.
  • Aahaa there seems to be room for instant creativity here. Ofcourse I can come up with a procedure for Choledochoduodenostomy named after me as a surgeon as well, by the time I am 85.
  • How should a Pediatric set up be different in design?

- Pediatrics usually intervenes up to 14 years of age. That a huge age range to design for. Clinically we divide them into Neonates (0-7 days), Infants (7d - 2 years) and Children (2y-14y). All of them have different needs Egs Bed sizes. - Hated waiting on labor calls during chilly winter night. NICU should be close to OBG. - Children collapse very fast as compared to adults. Centralized monitoring of vitals is very important. - Children suffer from many blood disorders (Thallesemia, Sickel cell disease, ITP) which can be monitored remotely to some extent

  • This stuff can help me make Chhabra Hospital better. The new "Diabetes Center" which I plan to build eventually has a new designer on board.