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8/21/07: Apparently I'm not very good at oragami!

8/23/07: Julia Jones's Interesting points:

  • A certificate of need is required for a regulatory review process of the state to build a hospital.
  • Evidence based design to impact experience
- Center for healthcare design
- designing for efficiency
- patient focused
- philanthropic
- "universal room"
- Flexible for future expansion
- Centers of Excellence
  • Most doctors not employed by the hospitals, and have poor handwriting!
  • self propelled beds
  • COW - Computer on Wheels
  • Abulatory = outpatient treatment
  • General Inpatient = diagnostic

For more clarification: What are we doing for Hughes Spaulding? What have they not planned yet?

8/28/07: Craig Zimring - Environments of Healing Evidence based medicine -> evidence based practive -> EVIDENCE BASED DESIGN physical design variables that support decision making www.healthdesign.org/research/reports Principles:

  • Improve quality and saftey
  • Patient and Family centered

Hospitals are too noisy! 3 zones in a room: 1. family zone 2. patient zone 3. care giver zone

hospital contruction costs ~ $300 per sq. ft

incorporate nature, art, music moving control from the institution to the individual decentralized nurses stations sound absorbing ceiling tiles acuity adaptable rooms flexible spaces oversized, windowed single rooms computerized order entry PDAs HAND WASHING = fewer falls, fewer patient transferes, less infections, reduced nurse turnover, reduced drug costs