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All Homework Assignments will be uploaded here. Please comeback later for more updates.

Week 1 (8/21, 8/23)

  • First week's assignment (1) create a project page (edit the project link on the left navigation bar) that includes your project members, shared interests and naming of your project team, (2) create personal member pages, (3) each team should collect 3 interesting case studies or project ideas (a particular area of issues and challenges that your team is interested, or an emerging trend of technology that you think can be applied to children's healthcare, or just some Blue Sky design ideas, (4) each team should prepare the material of their projects and posted on the Project page, as well as (5) preparing for a 3 minute presentation - to be presented Tuesday September 4th, 2007
  • Each member should write a blog of their reflections after each day's class, how what they have learned that day (either from the lectures, readings, or case studies or from their team members or other disciplines), write about what's interesting, and what needs more clarification. Each person should also use their personal wiki page to add interesting readings, or annotated bibliography, post their sketches and ideas as well. Process is important, not just the final product. ;-)

Week 2 (8/28, 8/30)

  • Take notes in the Site visits, and upload your report to the wiki site. You would present your observation Tuesday September 4th.

Week 3 (9/4, 9/6)

Week 4 (9/11, 9/13)

Continue blogging - write down your reflections and ideas from the talks.

Week 5 (9/18, 9/20)

Prepare one presentation from each group about observations of the site visits. Please post a pdf document of the presentation on the web.

Prepare one presentation from each group about the project ideas that your group would like to take on in the design phase. The presentation will be the week of September 25, adn 27.

Week 6 Project Development (9/25, 9/27)

9/25 Each team presents their observations (5 minutes) and their project ideas (5 minutes)

9/27 - home work

Each team should

(1) identify at least 5 principles as discussed in class 9/27

(2) identify at least 5 problems your team are interested - present the problems in "crisp" and "brief" descriptions

(3) find at least 10 related literature, either evidence, benchmarking or best practices examples (look up Center of Health Design's evidence based design solutions or intentions for each problem, or information collected from site visit (you can include your site visit reports, that includes pictures, reflections and findings)

(4) add at least 5 questions to the Q&As area (please sign your team name after the question)

Present this on October 2nd, next Tuesday

Week 7 (10/2, 10/4)

  • After presentation and receiving feedback, each team should prepare at least two developed project proposals (solution proposals) to be presented 10/11. This should be a PPT presentation.
  • For the December 4th and 6th Open House, the projects would be presented in full scal mock-up for the visitors to interact and experience. Your projects need to be "tangible" and a "working prototype" that people can see, touch, feel, and experience.
  • After 10/11 presentation, each person will send a document that includes (1) your first and second choice of project your want to work on for the rest of the semester, and (2) brief reasons and explanations why you should work on this project, and how you can contribute to this project.
  • The instructors would look at everyone's document and assign them to projects.
  • Then the new team should work on a more detailed project proposal, including material cost, timeline, etc to be presented in the following week 10/16

Week 8 (10/9, 10/11)

10/9 Fall Recess

10/11 Project Proposal Presentation (each team should present at least 2 developed project proposals) We will have visitors coming to review the projects and help clarify and select projects to go forward.

by 10/15 Monday 12:00 pm - each person should post a document stating (1) your 1st and 2nd choice of project to work on, and (2) reasons why you should be chosen to work on this particular project, and how you can contribute to the project

  • visit the project site to input your preference

Week 9 (10/16, 10/18)

10/16 project assignment completed

10/18 new formed team will further develop the proposal and present it on 10/18 to visitors

Week 10 (10/23, 10/25)

10/23 2 page project proposal due - include material cost, and timeline schedule

Week 11 (10/30, 11/1)

Week 12 (11/6, 11/8)

Week 13 Project Refinement (11/13, 11/15)

Week 14 (11/20, 11/22)

11/20 Mid Term review - each team should have a full working project for review. (that should be 80% complete as of the final project)

11/22 Thanksgiving Break

Week 15 (11/27, 11/29)

Dress Rehearsal, project brochure printed, poster printed

Week 16 (12/4, 12/6)

Final presentations (VIP & Public Open House)

Week 17 (12/11, 12/13)

Final documentation due 12/13