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7/28 - Created my blog page before class. I'll have more to say tonight.

7/28 - In class we discussed evidence based medicine/design, which is essentially the process of using empirical data gathered gathered from surveys, studies, etc. as the primary guiding factor in your design process. One thing I did find really interesting was the degree to which a hospital designed in this way will pay for the extra costs within a year and generally help the bottom line. Typically one thinks of the payoff for higher quality design to be more intangible and, from a bottom line perspective, almost a complete loss. The fact that it can make the money back and even help turn a profit long-term was a bit surprising.

7/30 - Today we took a trip to Hugh Spalding. It was an interesting trip that gave many insights into how hospitals, especially children's hospitals work, but it could have been longer. A lot of things, particularly the prepared presentation, felt rushed. It may be wise to, in the future, push the visit back further so that it can be better coordinated and allow students to stay longer. Also, pushing it back allows for participation to be optional so long as at least one representative of each group is present (assuming you wait until the groups are reasonably well crystallized).