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David's Blog:

Site Visit 8/30/07 - Visiting Hughes Spalding was an awesome look inside the problems facing pediatric hospitals. From the cold/hard tile floors to the obvious (and struggling) efforts to make the facility more "child friendly", we saw just how difficult running a hospital for little people can be. The aspect of the project that I was most fascinated with was the transition period between the two buildings. The fact that they will be able to keep the place running at 100% throughout the entire construction is astounding!

Class 8/28/07 - I was very interested by the information presented by Prof. Zimring tonight. In particular, the bit about the ceiling tile experiments with sound reflecting and sound absorbing tiles was very interesting. I wonder if any similar studies have been done with different types of light (i.e. softer lights vs fluorescent lighting). Another particularly good piece was when we went over how being able to see outside/nature type settings while in the hospital lead to a decrease in time of stay, fewer pain medications used and an overall better perception of the medical staff. This class is hitting on something that is very important to me, patient centered care. I am very displeased with the current state of medicine and only hope to be part of the change toward the things we talk about in class.

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My name is David Herren. I am originally from Rome, Georgia and earned a BS from Georgia Tech in Biology. I have four sisters (two older, two younger) and all of us are no longer at home with my two younger sisters (twins) starting to college this year. I enjoy running, reading, fishing, and other quiet, boring activities.  :) I am engaged to Jessie Fox and can't wait for the next phase of life to start. I am a student in the Health Systems program and am very thankful for David Cowan and his help with my academic career.

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