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Thursday, Oct 18 We picked our groups on Tuesday. I think that we're going to have a good mix of skills, so it should be interesting to see what my group came up with, although we're going to need a better name. Hand Washing Infection Control Team doesn't exactly roll off the tongue very well. I guess we could become the TIC (Team Infection Control) or something. I don't know. Maybe we'll hammer something out later tonight. Sharlene from last year has offered her services. She's involved with some major hand washing initiatives at Emory, so should be able to provide some good data. We're going to try and come up with some questions tonight to send to her and such.

Wednesday, Sept 26 Ugh, this is why I don't have a blog in real life, they're such a pain to remember to update. Anyway, the project ideas were very interesting. This year, everybody seems to be thinking along the same general areas (way finding, infection control, etc) whereas last year we had a very diverse initial idea set. I guess it's because this year the professors have been more direct in indicating the areas they think are most important. I can't really decide what I want to work on. None of the ideas really grabs me and says "Make it so!" like last year. One of the groups suggested revisiting the doctor video recording aspect of PILS, only this time using cell phones and MMS stuff. I'm not sure that MMS would be the right medium b/c bandwidth might be a problem. The video files would be large and depending on the messaging plan the patient has, that could get expensive. Anyway, if they want to pursue it, more power to them. I'm not interested in it, but they're welcome to start with PILS and expand or just roll their own.

Sunday, Sept 16

We're starting to pull together our suggestions for project ideas, so I created a new page of Alpha Project Suggestions.

Thursday, Sept 13 AM

So, I'm a little bit behind in the blogging. That's mainly because when I get back from class, my back's hurting too much to sit down at my computer, but enough excuses. I've been researching hand washing technologies looking for UV technologies and the like. Not much in the UV category, those are mainly being used as surface sterilizers, not for hands yet. However, there are some interesting UV based training systems to demonstrate the importance of hand washing. I did find some pretty cool automated cleaners, stick your hands in for 10 seconds and it does the work. One of them had an RFID component that recorded who washed their hands and whether you did a full 10 second cycle for accounting purposes. I also found some research by the APIC on MRSA prevalence in hospitals as well as the CDC's hand washing guide. You can find links to this information and more from the PedCenter section of my page.

Tuesday, Sept 4 PM

Gerri's talk was interesting. I'm glad that we have such a large cadre of nurses at our disposal as third-party advisors. It was also interesting to listen to some of the ideas that different people had. I look forward to moving onto the design phase of the class.

Tuesday, Sept 4 AM

The Hugh-Spalding visit was very interesting and gave me a lot of ideas. They've tried their best to make the old hospital "kid friendly" but they didn't have a lot to work with so it was a challenging task. They did a good job with what they had, but starting from scratch with the new building would be nice. A lot of my ideas are coming from what I know of Texas Children's in Houston and are mainly focusing on the walls and ceiling. I'll get somebody who would know what their talking about started on my ideas then I'll move onto something more technical, where my expertise really lies.

EDIT: My site report File:Hughes-Spalding site report.pdf

Wednesday, August 29

So, yesterday's lecture by Craig was interesting and got me thinking of another idea for a project: RFID tags for hand washing reminders. Basically, the doctor or nurse's badge would have an RFID tag in it that would be triggered whenever it crosses into pre-defined "spaces" in the patient room. When you first walk in the room, it turns to yellow, when it crosses into the "washing space" around the sink and then the sink is turned on it turns green. If the RFID crosses into the "patient space" without the sink first being activated, then it turns red. This way it's a reminder system for the doctor as well as the patient to say "wait, wash your hands!"

Hmmm, wonder how easy it is to program RFIDs for a demo....

Still trying to find the old website. Craig said it was moving over to the Cool server, but when I put in the URL I couldn't find it. I'll keep hunting. Also, I tried to respond to the list serve, but it bounced back my e-mail saying I wasn't a valid user to send messages. I sent and e-mail to Ellen to check up on that....

Thursday, August 23

The presentation from Julia Jones was interesting. Since this is mainly going to be an outpatient/primary care facility, my ideas for a table top, sketch based robotic interaction edu-tainment... thing (need to work on a better way to describe this jumble) might not be practical. At least, unless we can get Bill Gates/Microsoft to sponsor it.... Weirder things have happened.