August 23

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Thanks for Ms. Jones giving us a lecture to know Hugh Spalding Children’s Health Center. In this lecture, I was surprised that there was 0% on children psychological testing. How come? The testing must be the appropriate tool to find out children with psychological disorders. For example, the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) is about one in 150 people. Why there will be 0% on children psychological testing?

If there was 0% on the item "children psychological testing", it doesn't mean having no children with psychological disorders. Instead, it means still lots of families didn't find the way to pursue support. Usually patients with psychological disorders need long-term health care, as well as chronic patients. Except taking medicine, those children need more cognition ability training/therapy when they're at home. However, parents need to go out to work for the therapy payment. Who will provide those home trainings for children with psychological disorders?

Maybe the normal health care system is not suitable for children with psychological disorders. I just take ASD children for example. They need more visual stimuli to improve their cognition abilities. If there will be computing-aid facility/design can help them to do training at home, it'll not only release caregivers' stress but also give real assistance for those kids. Daily and regular training is essential for these children.

Sum up all I mentioned, an ideal children hospital may need consideration from screen children need special care to keep the following training/therapy. It's not only for children with psychological disorders, even for children with cancer. How to prolong their life in an elegant, high-quality way? It must be an important issue for hospital designers and all health care team.

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