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1) The front entrance was absolutely ugly and looked more like a side alley.
2) The hallways are very confusing with literally no attention paid to giving good directions.
3) The overall feel was not very welcoming in the hospital.
4) The ED department was extremely small.
5) Hand sanitizers were placed closed to elevators which doesn't sound like a good solution.
6) The waiting room is not family centered at all. The seats are all in a row which is also very bad for the spread of diseases.

1) To give the rooms an overall better feel for the children, a personal computer with games and various basic softwares could be installed. Today's kids often play a lot of computer games so it should be helpful.
2) Allowing pets (if possible) into the rooms would also give a much better home feel.
3) Music is another thing that children are very much interested in. Providing music selections would help.
4) Improve the look of the lobby area.
5) We could do a flow analysis by shadowing the nurses and doctors to find the optimal location to place the hand sanitizers.

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