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Proect Zero


Project Zero is consisted of the following memebers:

John Smith, MS, department of fun computing, people call me jonny, I am here to check out the class, I have a cool site that deals with how to make cool stuff - it's

Margaret Morrison, PhD, School of Future, favorite color is red, my web site is

Ellen Yi-Luen Do, PhD. college of architecture and college of computing, her motto? work hard, play hard, she has a [web site] or the one on [CoC SIC]

Bobby Dodd, Legendary Mascot for Georgia Tech, come to the class to get to do some ambient intelligent stuff

We chose the name Zero, not because we have 0 carbs or 0 fats, but Zero is half of the digits (between 0 and 1) and when we start zero, we can always make something happen on top of zero, it is always an improvement. ;-)