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Please list your name (discipline, preference, and reasons) for this project. (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice, start each line with a *)

  • Fahad (CS, 3). As a CS major, I can identify several areas where my input could help with this project; namely desiging an interface that would enable access from different locations (web) as well as adaptability (accepting new floor plans).
  • Diane (PSYC, 2): I am very interested in how cognitive mapping would affect the design of a virtual wayfinding system and I am currently writing a research proposal for this topic. I can bring my knowledge of human cognition and perception to this project in order to ensure that the virtual system produces outcomes similar to what the actual 3D design will produce.
  • Joe R. (HS, 1) As a health systems engineer I could really help define the process of how the virtual world could be used in a training program to enhance way finding. I also will be able to generate user needs from all stakeholders (clinicians, hospital staff, patients, etc.) to figure out how our virtual design can objectively meet the needs of our users.
  • Yi Lu (architecture, 1) I am interested in the wayfinding study in virtual environment and collected important research in this area. I also have the techniques to create a virtual environment, using game engine Unreal II.
  • Lavana (Health Systems, 2) As a health systems student with some background in programming, I would like to incorporate the concepts of evidence based design and specify how the different modules should be designed. I also believe this project would help in floor layout management and translating the requirements of patients and the family in flowing through the hospital.
  • Travis Fischer (CS, 3) I used Unreal Tournament (what the proof-of-concept demo for this project used) to create a 3D simulation of a Martian space station as an interface with an autonomous environmental control system for NASA. This experience would allow me to help on the technical side of things.