Telemedicin and Home Care Team

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Please list your name (discipline, and preference) for this project. (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice, start each line with a *)

  • Hui Cai (Architecture, 3). I am in architecture major. Telemedicine seems to be a main direction of future hospital. I am interested to see how the physical environment design can be combined with technology and create better healthcare in the future.
  • Evan Zasoski (CS, 3) I think this project has the potential to help people that might otherwise have a real hard time getting to medical care. The facts that my specialization is networking and this project would almost certainly incorporate some networking component make me a good candidate for this team.
  • Lavana (HS, 1) I have some background in Telemedicine project from undergrad and some knowledge in software development too. I believe the concepts I learn from Health systems classes would help me understand the user needs and translate the patient's requirements into an efficient system and design a novel asthma control room center.
  • Jiten Chhabra (Human Computer Interaction, 1) My medical background and human computer interaction knowledge can help approach tele medicine in the new light of patient computer interaction. In my opinion that will be very helpful to the project.