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Marianna Jewell- Masters Program in Health Systems. Graduated from Georgia Tech (ISYE) in 2007. email:

Hui Cai- PhD student in Department of architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology. She had professional Architectural degree from China. And she got her master degree in architecture from National University of Singapore. She was invovled both in designing practice and research in China and Singapore for several years. Her current interest is in cognition, environment & behavior. She is especially interested in the relationshuip between human interaction and space, especially learning behavior. email:

Team Name Ideas: - Team TRANSFORMER, the hospital system and care model are facing a rapid change of paradigm now. The space and technology have to TRANSFORM accordingly in order to better serve the needs. And in addition, TRANSFORMER is one of my favorite movies this year. Kids like it too.:)

- Team INFINITY, this idea is similar to Tranformer. But the main difference is that the hospital is constantly changing everyday. How can we provide a hospital that is flexible and adaptable to different situations, and different users (kids and their parents), and even different generations of kids, is an interesting question to answer.

I am going to put Team TRANSFORMER as the Team Name for our group. We can talk about changing this. -Marianna