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week 6 (9/25, 9/27)

Week 7 (10/2, 10/4) Media:Lefthook_Principles_and_problems_1002.ppt

Media:Team Lefthook_1004.ppt

Media:Team Lefthook_1011.ppt

Team members:

Michelle Williams-Davis: I am a Health Systems masters student at Georgia Tech. I received my undergraduate degree in ISyE from Georgia Tech. I have been involved in research with Emory's Nursing School on a nursing care coordination project. I also am a GRA (Graduate Research Assistant) at Perkins + Will in their healthcare design department. email: or

Lu,Yi is Ph.D student in architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his bachelor degree in architecture from Southeast University, China, and his master degree in architecture from National University of Singapore. He practiced in China and Singapore for several years. online portpolio

He is interested in several research areas, including healthcare facilities, human’s wayfinding and walking behavior in built environment. email:, phone number:404-457-8811

Ali Asmi I am a Health Systems masters student at Georgia Tech. I also did my undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech in Industrial and Systems engineering. I have a GRA with VHA which is the largest group purchasing organization for hospitals in the United States. My email address is and my phone number is 770-714-7827.