September 04

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Today’s class reminds me of something. Once we face the choice, will we choose to live hardily or die happily? In the book “Le Scaphandre et le papillon”, the author Jean-Dominique Bauby made these two choices at the same time. He lived happily till he said goodbye to this world. I think healthy care system played a critical role in it.

Psychology has many branches and one of those popular branches is Thanatology. I don’t think people will be afraid of death but they do fear the unknown of death. Thanatology is such a subject that teaches people the part related to death and it works in many hospitals nowadays, especially in hospice. Patients in hospice will feel the stress of death more and how to make them feel ease with the approaching death is an important issue.

Healthy care system is just the key. It needs not only to cure physical pain but also to comfort patients in psychological way. Let patients can face death positively and families can give company for their dear ones. In the limited life, it provides high-quality life and choices for those patients and all these made patient still feel oneself like a human being. Living is the most basic condition as a person and there will need more efforts to enlarge the quality of life. It will rely on the development of healthy care system.

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