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Please list you name (discipline, and preference) for this project. (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice, start each line with a *)

  • Ali Asmi (Health Systems, 1) This was the topic proposed by me. I think this topic is interesting because it has the patient as the focus. It helps to create a smooth flow of information from the doctors to the patients in a very patient friendly manner. It should also not come across any financial problems since its a relatively cost effective solution.
  • David Herren (Health Systems, 2) I feel that this is an interesting topic because it recognizes the importance of patient interaction in treatment plans. I believe that keeping the patient informed will do nothing but improve their hosiptal experience and help them heal faster.
  • Rung-Yu Tseng (architecture, 1), I had Psychology/Neuroscience background. I would like to adapt the psychological theory I learned to construct what information patients need to know and how to provide them in this project.
  • Kristin Hermann (Health Systems, 1) – I am very interested in improving the way the patients and their families receive critical information about their treatment, schedules and the hospital overall. I have spent time shadowing in the ED and inpatient departments at Egleston, and I can bring these experiences and knowledge of the current systems to the project. I think my healthcare experience and systems thinking will help create a tool that effectively links the information from the care team to the patient.
  • Jamie Beyer (HS, 2) I am interested in improving patient flow and satisfaction, and this project can have a great impact in that area. I feel that I can contribute to this project with my information systems background for the data side while also improve the operations around communications processes.
  • Marianna Jewell (Health Systems, 3)- I think that bridging the information gap of patients/families is critical to improving care. My experience with the Emory hospital system as well as with Vanderbilt Medical Center (in conducting studies with childhood obesity and diabetes) will help me to contribute. My ISYE background can help with bridging the gap between the different systems inside the hospital, and bring it all back to the patient in a way they can understand.
  • Jon Koehler (HS, 1). I think that by allowing the patient/family to know what is going on will improve patient satisfaction a lot. I think my IE knowledge will be able to help with this project.
  • Jiten Chhabra (Human Computer Interaction, 2) I can be useful to this project by helping decipher medical language in to common speak and in using the principles of HCI to present that information in a user friendly interface.