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Please list your name (discipline, and preference) for this project. (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice, start each line with a *)

  • David Herren (Health Systems, 3) I think that this is interesting because of what I can learn about process simulation. Hospitals are such complex "organisms" and simulation is a great way to help find out ways to improve them.
  • Joe R. (HS, 3). I worked on an independent study this summer that attempted to answer the question of how current healthcare professionals are using simulation in practice. I also have a detailed knowledge of ARENA.
  • Yi Lu (architecture, 2) My current research is about evidenced-based design, and environment-behavior study. I can bring my knowledge about physical environment into this project. I can help out to maximize the benefit of physical environment with solid research evidence.
  • Lavana (HS, 3) I am interested in researching the flow layout and floor management and hence would like to be a part of this team. The ER design would involve a good understanding of the current setup and I would like to be a part of this team to learn how to make better the flow of patients and design a better ER
  • Jon Koehler (HS, 3). I have a good bit of experience in simulation in Arena and enjoyed it. I think simulation can be very useful in all fields, especially healthcare.
  • Randeep (ISyE, 3) I have a background in ARENA. Also I think I can use some of my statistics background in using the right data for the simulation
  • Michelle Williams-Davis(HS 3) I use MedModel in my GRA for perkins + Will. I am worried about the feasiblity of a lot of things in this project and think that the timeline is going to be tight. But as long as there are other people that know how to work the program I think that this project can be a success.
  • Vijay (HS, 2) I like to put my coding and IE experience into this. This project will be a great place for me to test and optimize things which I cannot do in the other projects easily.
  • Stephanie T. Nguyen (Arch 3 (or more like 5)): The other two projects that I put down I am really passionate and interested in. This one I'm kind of haphazardly signing up for since the other projects are not really geared towards my interests and studies. But nonetheless I consider this project a hybrid of wayfinding and architectual design. I really can't see where I can go with this project, but I guess I'll give it a shot if you really really really don't want me in my other two projects (Especially the first one hehe)