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8/28/07 Ideas: noise reduction, patient and family centered environment. Along these lines we might want to put baby changing facilities in the patient's room for the family to utilize. It was suggested in class to add structures for lifts even if they are not immediately added to the facility. A good idea that was suggested is beepers to give to the patient's family so they do not feel restricted to the patient's room.

I feel like the beepers are important. Today I was at Crawford Long as a family member of a patient. My mother and I went to get lunch in the cafeteria but left my dad in the room so that he could call us if the doctor came by because the doctor was supposed to come by before noon and it was 12:45 when we went down to the cafeteria (and the PA or Dr had not been by). So I want to implement something like this in the room design if possible.

Also for this center we need to look at maybe designing to handle patients with Sickle Cell and Asthma. We need to do research on these diseases to see if we can incorporate design aspects to handle these diseases better.


Observations: 1) The waiting area has boring toys 2) No "sick" patient versus "non sick" patient waiting area in the clinic 3) There is a need for more open space in the ED 4) I got lost in the building I can not imagine actually being in a rush to find myself in the current building 5) I found it interesting that this facility is focused on disease specific aspects in design.

Ideas: 1) Put pictures on the signs that point people where to go to make it more universal in times of stress 2)we could design a philanthropic wall in the main area that is interactive with the kids..make it a game of some sort 3) Designing the signs in the lobby would be a big task since it need to be able to change..possibly use digital signs so if things change throughout the day then the signs can reflect this change 4) A project to model the flow of the crowd through the big entrance area would be interesting to look at with the co-location of facilities. 5) Possibly research the requirements of treating diabetes and sickle cell when designing a patient room.

Conversations: 1) Had a conversation with Dr. Lamb about decorating the underground hall way with a fun theme to make it less scary for kids to travel through. 2) Had a conversation with Mrs. Jones about the need for more natural lighting 3) Had a conversation with classmate David Herren about the size and cramped feel of the current facility.

9/4/07 Today Dr. Lamb talked with us about patient centered care. This is an important thing to keep in mind when designing our project. A few of the main points that I took away from the lecture was the PCC is focused on giving a choice to the patient and relying on the fact that people know themselves the best. There is a foundation for informed decision making that is a good reference. The PCC needs to support the processes of care. I think that we need to redesign our project to reflect more of these values.

9/6/07 Today three Perkins and Will employees talked with us about the work that they do. Some of the thoughts that I had during this presentation is that they like to walk through patient experience while planning a project. Also, something that was interesting that I noticed is that the ER is not profitable directly. Something that they designed into a project is sightlines between staff members.

Some ideas I had for a project is creating a babysitting system for the patient's siblings. It is likely that the parents will be bringing the patient's siblings to the hospital especially to clinic visits. It would be good to provide a babysitting service to the families so that the patient's can be watched by their parents more and the siblings do not get in the way. You could incorporate a paging system so that the kids get picked up and dropped off at the specific area of the hospital even if the patient and parent change locations.

9/13/07 Today DJ Feather came to our class to talk with us about her experience in designing the new Scottish Rite units. She had little experience with design before being involved in the project. I think that one point that she raised is that she wished that she had done her site visits earlier in the design process. I think that it is important that the architects get involved in the project from the start which includes the CON process. It is the architects that bring to the table the innovation in relation to each hospital design.

So I guess the lesson of this class is to get innovators on the design of hospitals at the earliest stage to have the ability to truly be on the cutting edge in respect to design of the hospital.