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Please list your name (discipline, and preference) for this project. (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice, start each line with a *)

  • Ali Asmi(HS, 3) Improving the design and appeal of a waiting room will have a great impact on patient satisfaction. This will in turnn lead to an increase in revenue and appeal.
  • Fahad (CS, 2). As a CS major, I would like to incorporate Technology with furniture design. It would be interesting to interact with people from different disciplines to achieve the desired solution.
  • Hui Cai (Architecture, 1). As an archiect, I would like to see my design ability being used in both furniture design and space organization. The design has complex function requirement and multiple user groups. It is an interesting challenge to me.
  • Rung-Yu Tseng (Architecture, 2). I had Psychology/Neuroscience background. I'd like to provide the psychological theory I learned to design an interactive waiting room. I will also think what people want to interact with others when doing this project.
  • Diane (PSYC, 3): Coming from both architecture and psychology backgrounds, I am interested in how the furniture and the waiting room can affect how patients and their families feel and ways to reduce stress and anxiety while waiting to be admitted.
  • Elaine Smith (Health Systems, 3): I am interested in process improvement in hospitals, mostly to increase patient satisfaction. I believe waiting rooms are a large part of a patient's experience and need to be designed for comfort, education, and interaction. I can contribute my "systems" thinking and healthcare knowledge to the waiting room project.
  • Evan Zasoski (CS, 1) I think this project is an opportunity to do something really neat, and I'm a big fan of neat. I have experience in HCI and online communities, both of which could conceivably be incorporated into this project. I really like the idea of turning something almost universally regarded as a drab necessity into something legitimately cool that could provide interaction, education, and even distraction at a time when many people may be needing it the most.
  • Kristin Hermann (Health Systems, 3): I am very interested in improving the patient experience in hospitals, and am currently working with the Customer Service team at Egleston. I think this project will be a unique way to integrate what I have learned about the patient experience with my engineering approach. I think these skills will help create an waiting room that is enjoyable for patients, infuses education into thier wait, and provides durability to reduce maintenance.
  • Young Seon Choi (Architecture, 3): As I pointed out in the project proposal, information is one of imporatant needs of families. However, it is important issue that how we bring information to families. I suggested physical environment which might provide that through interactions. I would like to keep continuing my primary interest in how physical environment can help to address family needs in this porject.
  • Stephanie T. Nguyen (Architecture, 1): The interactive waiting room is a project that I know that I will get excited about and feel like I can contribute a lot to the project. My main goal as an architect is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but serve as a catalyst to creating a successful and efficient environment. I know that this project relates most to what my interests are as an architecture student and from the get go I was really passionate about creating a good waiting room space.

I would be really excited to follow through with this project from the beginning to its completion.

  • Jiten Chhabra (Human Computer Interaction, 3) I think this is a great idea specially in the direction of increasing social interaction. I will useful to the project in providing disease specific information which could be useful for desigining disease specific furniture.