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Steps to Consider:

1) Refine the Problem 2) Literature Review 3) Site Visits 4) Plan-Design 5) Material Cost

10/16 Notes:

1) What do we need in the waiting room?
-Furniture -Informative systems -Space layouts -Electronic information wall? PDA system? -Combine information with entertainment 2) What are the components of a waiting room?
3) What do we want to see?
-Convertible furniture and space ->reorganize not only the furniture but the space over time

Our direction:

       2 or 3 different components (furniture) that integrate our needs

Group Brainstorm: Stephanie's Random thoughts:

               -Nature themed rooms
               -maybe an ocean room with a whale chair that kids can sit and play in the mouth of?
               -an interactive fish tank wall (like in the aquarium) where when kids touch the fish swimming, they can find out 
                information about different things (ie. if a fish is swimming with a broken fin, a kid with a broken arm can touch                                    
                the fish and learn more about fixing a broken arm) 

Evan's Random thoughts:

         -A PDA system for information? maybe integrate it into furniture? 
         -Self cleaning/disinfecting furniture/surfaces
         -online space accessible through pdas for patients/family in waiting room to talk/play games with one another
   This is the "medical game" that happened in UV Medical center, 

Hui's Random thoughts:

         -Making the furniture convertible and able to adapt to certain situations. 
         -Making the space convertible over time to adapt to different uses/sizes. 
         -RFID tags/bracelets integrated into furniture to keep information and do self check-in (maybe take temperature/blood pressure?)

10/18 Notes

Group Brainstorm:

To refine problems/ideas: (For the whale chair) Each button (disguised as a tooth) has different information- an information kiosk for kids Some ideas for buttons: rules of hospital, regulations, process of visit etc.

Combining the check in process with the waiting rooms. The waiting rooms have gotten smaller and smaller and have become more of a reception space rather than a waiting area because of this combination. It also has become a resource center for patients.

Games can be played in the hospital environment. They can play a doctor while one plays a nurse or a patient so they understand the process. A volunteer or nurse can play it out in real life.

OR, you can have a vitural game like operation where the kid plays the role of the doctor and they have the option to see different patients (Dr. Susie, who do you want to see today? We have someone with a broken arm, someone with a toothache, someone with a stomachache, etc) and Susie can pick the kid with the symptom that is close to hers

Refining Our Problem: Instead of designing an entire waiting room we seek to design different components, mainly furniture, that is convertible and adaptable to a hospital waiting room of the future. Seeking to integrate information with entertainment with furniture and space allows for a hospital waiting room to become a useful and more aesthetic space.

Design Principles:

1) Furniture should be easily rearrangeable to design different spaces

2) It should be simple to convert free of complicated components or steps so that everyone can use it

3) Furniture should be integrated with information to facilitate check-in process and make care process transparent

4) Furniture should be easy to disinfect/clean

5) Furniture should be aesthetically pleasing/ergonomic (comfortable)

Three topics of general research for now: 1) Information system and uses 2) Convertible Furniture in General (specifically in a modular idea) 3) Specific Hospital Needs

Comments by CZ

Could you think of other terms--and metaphors--other than "waiting rooms"? Lounges? Resource area? Den?

What are the tough problems, such as having unrelated people using it? Large groups? Busy times?


1. putting PDAs in tables
2. Creating 3 props:
-Adult Chair -Child's chair -"Root" Chair --Non movable 3. Have some kind of "charging game" for PDAs (at least for kids), spinning ball, etc.
4. Convertible from table to chair
5. Magic Box - Transforms into different things
6. Computer on Wall
7. Want to keep Computers on
8. Family Information/Recreation Space Transition (FIRST)Area

11/30 Notes

Ball pit+ Interactive table + FIRST Interface

To provide kids a fun system to play and learn in the waiting room.
Under FIRST Interface

  • Sea Acquarium
  • Doctor Page
  • Tic Tac Toe
Under Doctor Page Presentation Files:
- Broken-arm Information
- Asthma Information