August 28

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Today we had Professor Zimring to give lecture about healing environment. In this lecture, there is lots of evidence with number. I wondered if all these numbers are significant in statistic. For example, there is one normal ward without window and the other one just owns the wall with painting of natural view. If patients stay in the latter and get well sooner than patients in the former, how can we said that the speed of getting well because of the natural view? Now that it is not the real natural view. Or there is probably third variable involved. The nurse in the ward with window may provide better service than other wards because the price per night of this ward is much expensive than other wards. It could be possible. I just want to say that though we need evidence when doing research, do not forget that we have to comprehend the information we got and do not be fooled or scared by those numbers.

I also think of another question when healthy environment changed nowadays. Nothing will be too good for users and space occupants. With the innovation for healthy environment design, patients obtain more from their healthy service. Comparatively, patients need to pay more to earn those services. Will it become a problem in the future? I can afford the higher price to live in a ward with window and natural view but someone else may not. Will this against the equity for people to receive healthy service? Not so terrible, but it should be considered. Because healthy system should be a protection for people or save people’s life but not a resource to be appraised. We all will not want to see healthy system becoming the rich’s privilege. Even though there will be so much concern for innovation for healthy environment, it will still need to be done. We cannot use the old era system to provide treatment/service for new generation.

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