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Executive Summary

The Proactive Wellness Environment Support System, PROWESS, was developed by a group of Georgia Tech students for a trans-disciplinary special topics course focused on creating the on-site health center of the future.

Although many companies have onsite health centers, one of the problems discussed in our class was the need to enhance health center capabilities by providing more individualized and timely care to employees. Contagious diseases, chronic health conditions, and ergonomic concerns are all health issues within the workplace, and their successful management requires focused, and often personalized, attention. The goal of PROWESS is to equip employees and on-site health centers with the tools that enable timely, individualized feedback on a variety of health metrics.

PROWESS integrates ubiquitous sensing technology into everyday workstations to monitor wellness of employees. Employees can opt-in to a secure wellness monitoring partnership with their on-site health center, allowing for effective patient-provider communication and personalized feedback. The PROWESS suite has features to monitor body temperature, heart rate, and sitting posture.

Project Proposal


Problem Definition






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