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All Homework Assignments will be uploaded here. Please comeback later for more updates.

Week 1 (8/18, 8/20)

  • First week's assignment (1) create a personal member pages, (2) upload your reflection piece - as web page or a pdf document, (3) upload your summary of On-site Health Center stories
  • Each member should write a blog of their reflections after each day's class, how what they have learned that day (either from the lectures, readings, or case studies or from their team members or other disciplines), write about what's interesting, and what needs more clarification. Each person should also use their personal wiki page to add interesting readings, or annotated bibliography, post their sketches and ideas as well. Process is important, not just the final product. ;-)

Week 2 (8/25, 8/27)

  • Take notes in the Site visits, and upload your report to the wiki site. You would present your observation Tuesday September 1st.

Week 3 (9/1, 9/3)

  • project 1 presentation

most of you have linked and uploaded presentation slides for project 1 - defining Onsite Health Center - for those of you who have not done so - Check Now! please do so as soon as possible. http://www.hsi.gatech.edu/onsitecenter/index.php/Project

Week 4 (9/8, 9/10)

  • project 2 - the skit -

each team please write a short paragraph describing the skit, and include some reflections and comments about what the moral of the story is, and what issues and problems the skit/role play exercise of yours you have tried to address upload at http://www.hsi.gatech.edu/onsitecenter/index.php/Project#Project_.232_-_Role_Playing_Skit

Week 5 (9/15, 9/17)

  • project 3 - identifying problems and challenges

you have all spent time discussing the problems and issues about Onsite Health Center - for Tuesday, each team has 5 minute to report the top 1 (or 2, or more) problems you found would be important to address. If you have thought about some solutions, feel free to include them briefly in the presentation. The focus should be on the problems - what are the components of the problems, and if you can find evidence or research to support your statement.

Prepare your 5 minute slide, and upload to the wiki site before you show up for the class.


Week 6 (9/22, 9/24)

  • 9/22:

look for interesting 2D GRAPHICS, be it a floor plan, layout, diagrams, etc. of Exam Room, or ADA access, clinic design standards, health service clinic space, and PRINT them out and bring to class Tuesday. (hint, those are some keywords for you to use)

The focus would be on 2D graphics - preferably showing arrangements of objects such as furniture or architecture elements, floor plans, layout, analytical diagrams, drawing with dimensions are all good.

Good to bring photographs of exam rooms - there are plenty of them on the web to be found - but if you are only bringing in pictures of the room or space and not floor play layout or diagram, you need to make a floor plan diagram of the space (freehand sketching will be fine, scaled drawing or cad is nice, but not mandatory).

Please make sure you have a record where you found the pictures/graphics (from the book, web site, which location, company, hospital, clinics, etc), and print out the graphics in letter size and bring to the class. We would do some exercise with your material. (and you can learn about reading floor plans, or doing analytical diagrams, understanding spatial relations, etc).

  • 9/24 - Joyce Bromberg lecture from Steelcase, Workspace Futures to come to talk to us about field study techniques and other research methods.
  • Visit CNN's Onsite Health Center at 8:30 am on Thursday (9/24).

If you can make it, please indicate a YES at the wiki site http://www.hsi.gatech.edu/onsitecenter/index.php/CNN_VISIT_SCHEDULE

Please do this before Tuesday midnight - we will send the list of people attending to CNN Wednesday morning so they can generate badges for Thursday morning visit. You need to bring a photo ID with you, there will be security check. We will meet at the food court in CNN (maybe next to Starbucks)

Week 7 (9/29, 10/1)

Floor plan of Onsite Health Center in different scale - media:case101.pdf, media:case102.pdf, media:case103.pdf a scaled (with dimension) floor plan of an exam room. (anywhere you can find it! or make one yourself!)

Week 8 (10/6, 10/8)

10/3-6 Fall Recess

NO class 10/6

10/8 each group presents two projects: (1) field observation report, and (2) floor plan analysis (choose from one of the S, M, L example, plus 1 exam room floor plan layout with dimensions and scale)

Week 9 (10/13, 10/15)

Week 10 (10/21, 10/22)

Week 11 (10/27, 10/29)

Week 12 (11/3, 11/5)

Week 13 (11/11, 11/13)

Week 14 (11/10, 11/12)

Week 15 (11/17, 11/19)

Week 16 (12/1, 12/3)

Final presentations (VIP & Public Open House)

Week 17 (12/8, 12/10)

Final documentation due 12/10