Ariel Garcia

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I am a second year master's student in Health Systems. Previously, I earned a bachelor degree in Electronic Systems in my home country Mexico. After eight years of working in the information technology industry, I decided to study a master degree. Thus, I joined my wife in her graduate studies at Georgia Tech and here I am in my last semester. Also, I have the privilege to work at Shepherd Center in the Department of Quality and Outcome.

My only experience with an onsite health center is actually Georgia Tech Health center. My experience as a patient in this center is not entirely good. I believe they have a lot of opportunities to improve their delivery of care so it can be more patient centered. Yet, I believe it does a great job for the student community.

This class offers a great opportunity to learn how to design health care solutions incorporating different point of views. Such solutions could help Georgia Tech or any other health center to be more efficient and provide better care to any patient.