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Wenhong "Chris" Neoh


I am a Masters student in the Industrial Design department in the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech, planning to specialize in human factors and medical device design.

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Georgia Institute of Technology - Masters of Industrial Design (MID), Anticipated 2010

Northwestern University - BA in Chemistry, Certificate in Design Engineering 2007

Reflection Piece 08/20/09

The subject of on-site health clinics is really broad and challenging. They can cater to a variety of services ranging from occupational health care(OHC) to preventive medicine and chronic care. Designing an on-site health clinic requires a great deal of research into the expectations and culture of the client as well as the habits and personalities of the clientele that will be using this health center to ensure the easy assimilation of the health center into the culture of the company as well as the daily on-goings of the employees that work there. It is a great challenge but a very important and significant area of design that is becoming more and more adapted into the mainstream as companies decide to reduce costs while striving to improve employee health and work environments.

My interest is also in human factors (ergonomics) and reducing medical errors or issues. Questions I would have are: what are the operating issues occurring within on-site health centers, is universal design or ergonomic design a consideration when designing the center, layout, equipment, how can human factors be applied to improve not only the working experience in the health center but also the patient experience.