Szu-Chia Lu

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Szu-Chia Lu

My name is Szu-Chia Lu (SJ Chinese.png), but everyone is welcome to call me SJ. It's my first year in HCI program at Georgia Tech. I majored in Sociology as an undergraduate, and gained my master in CS focused on educational technology and HCI. I have zero experience on Health Care before, and this class will be a great opportunity for me to understand more about the health-care environment.

8/18 Course Reflection:

I don't like go to any hospital. Because I don't like the shots and there were always bad memories and bad feelings about seeing a doctor or going to a hospital. I always feel powerless and weak. After the first class, however, I start thinking that there are possibilities to improve this undesirable situation for patients just like me. I think that enhanced information space in a health center could empower and comfort the patients.

8/20 Course Reflection:

I enjoyed the related projects and space designs presented today. Some of the project should not just apply to medical use but our daily life, like a pocket hand washing machine. I kept thinking that the first step to build a project that really beneficial to people is knowing people more, keeping open-minded to observe our surrounding, and really take people factors into design considerations.