Sunandha Gunaseelan

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I'm Sunandha, a Masters in Health systems student. I am currently serving on my GRA to work on a charity hospital in New Orleans that was destroyed by the Katrina disaster. I am involved in doing some Just in time research now for the design and construction phase. I have also worked on the Military health systems project involving evidence based design. My undergraduate has been in bio-informatics and I have also served on the IT side as a software engineer for two years. I love doing pencil sketching, playing indoor games, traveling, reading, cooking and nature-loving! :)

I think the on site health center is a brilliant idea! It solves multi-faceted problems that patients or end-users face and also creates awareness among employees to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also provides quick fix solutions to problems that employees may face while encountering problems with their health.

I look forward to do something innovative during this semester.