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BUDGET ESTIMATE: $270(after tax)

  1. Box cabinet (114*1)=$114.00
  2. counter top (39*1)= $39.00
  3. Screw eyes (1.97*4)=$7.88
  4. Hinges (2.29*4)=$9.16
  5. window/wardrobe roller (4.96*2)= $9.92
  6. 2X4 8'(3*6)= $18.00
  7. Channel AL 1/16" (11*1)= $11.00
  8. Clothes pulley (2.87*4)= $11.48
  9. Contact cement (10*1)= 10.00
  10. Paint 1Gal. (20*1)= $20.00


Exam room Problems that we address in our project are:

  1. Organization - There is very less organization in the exam rooms. The most frequently used things like gloves, bandages, forceps etc are generally found misplaced in the exam room. Also, the things are seldom put back in their original places once they are taken out for use.
  2. Consistency - There is a persistent problem of inconsistency in different exam rooms of the same organization. If a nurse or a doctor move from one exam room to another, the things are placed in different fashion in all different rooms making it difficult for them to locate things in a natural way.
  3. Accessibility and Space - There are some problems of accessibility seen in different exam rooms that we observed. Frequently, the storage cabinets located above the counter have 2-3 shelves. The top two shelves are high for an average individual thus making them less accessible as a result of which things are stuffed in the lower shelves and top shelves are almost empty.


  1. To utilize the dead space in the storage cabinets.
  2. To increase access to the "difficult to reach" storage places.
  3. To organize materials in a natural and easy to locate way.
  4. To design the cabinets in a way that helps sustain the organization of the Exam room.


We propose to use a designer storage cabinet for improving the access to the top shelves of the cabinets located above the counter. The cabinet will be facilitated with the sliding rollers so that it can be pulled up and down for easy access. This makes sure the utilization of the dead space at the top and extreme back of the storage cabinets. We also plan to standardize the storage of the things used in the exam room by using the following techniques: color coding, slip-in labels and sub compartmentalization of the storage space. This will help the employees to sustain the materials in the organized way.


Our design consists of two main components:

  1. Box cabinet: that will display the concepts of color coding, sub compartmentalization and slip-in tags.
  2. Overhead Cabinet: That will display the concept of sliding storage to increase accessibility.