Seunghyun Tina Lee

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I received my master of industrial design at Tech, and now I am a 1st-year Ph.D students in Design Cognition. My research interests are design communication, collaboration, design process, and visual thinking. For my master thesis "TOWARD A SYSTEM FOR DESIGN COLLABORATION THAT SUPPORTS INTERACTION AND INFORMATION SHARING", I conducted design groups to gain the knowledge how they work together in both face-to-face and distributed settings using CMC (computer-mediated communication) technology and CVE (Collaborative virtual environment). Currently,I also working on Worktop project to facilitate multidisciplinary group collaboration such as designers and engineers at CATEA(Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access).

On Site Health Center of the future

At the end of the 20th century, people would be living longer. Potential consumers of design who may be functionally limited by age or disability. This class "On Site Health Center of the Future" is a challenge how we approach design including environments, products, and communications for PEOPLE.

As a designer, I feel that inclusive design is a social responsibility like providing optimal conditions for everyone. Thus, accessibility for people who use information and communication tools to innovate and collaboratively problem solve is another important goal of my research.