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I'm a Computer Science Master's student, and my interests are quite broad. I've picked up a working knowledge of electronics, and much of my Computer Science experience has been in the use of microcrontrollers. These are the small electronic chips that have tiny (~8Mhz) computers in them. I also have a fair knowledge of more 'normal' computer science topics, including network security and database systems.

I spend much of my time over in the Tech Square Research Building, room 243, working with Thad Starner in the Contextual Computing Group. I'm currently working on research with conductive textiles (as in, thread and fabric that conducts electricity like a wire).

My CCG web page entry is here: [1]

My hope is that I can bring some of my rapid prototyping experience to make the hardware and software needed to effectively test and showcase possible design ideas in this course.

Previous On-Site Clinic Experience

I've only needed to go to the health center here a tech once or twice, and have never had an opportunity to see anything like it anywhere else. The one thing that struck me about our Health Center is the lack of access to fully-trained professional at the odd hours. I've been in once late in the evening, and and again early in the morning, and both times I could have benefited from a quick opinion from a real doctor, even if they had just been available by phone to the nurse on call.

The other thing that seems lacking in the healthcare community (somewhat related) is communication. One of my trips was for a broken bone, and after seeing someone at the health center, I then had to go to get the bone set the next day. In order to do that, I needed to go to a hospital to wait a couple of hours, just to have them determine that, yes, my bone was broken, and then got a referral to a specialist who could actually set the bone. It seems like a little more communication could have gotten my first point of contact (the health center) directly in touch with the end solution (the specialist).