Ruchika Bansal

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I am a Graduate student in Health Systems Engineering in Georgia Tech. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and Mathematics in India and an MBA from India as well. I am working as a Process analyst intern in Emory healthcare on improving pediatric cancer survivorship care through the development of an educational and interactive website for young cancer survivors. In the past years, I have realized the importance of technology in the healthcare world not only to reduce the manual errors but also to make healthcare more convenient to the people as and when the need arises.

In my opinion, an on site health center is a place where primary care services are provided to a specific population to deal with the immediate health problem. I believe that an on site clinic is a good idea to prevent the huge wait times to see a doctor. On the other hand I also feel that shifting the focus of care from cure to prevention can help improve the care and facilitate better health condition among the target population.

In this course I am looking forward to dig deep into the understanding of on site clinics and their problems and apply my background in proposing a possible solution.