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Short Intro to me

Hello ! I am Nadu .. short for Narayanan Ramakrishnan. I am doing my Masters in Computer Science. I joined Georgia Tech this Fall. I completed my undergraduate in Computer Science from India and worked for 2 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. as a software consultant for Enterprise Resource Planning. So I m back to acads after a hiatus of 2 years and very excited about it ! My Homepage is here :)

My understanding of a Health Center

To be honest, I did not think about the definition of the term Health Center before the discussion in class. What I understood from the class was that a Health Center takes care of the regular well-being of a person vis-a-vis a normal hospital, which people visit they are sick or ailing. So a Health Center has doctors, dieticians, fitness experts etc. So the basic idea is to be pro-active, taking care of health by exercising and regular check ups - Prevention is better than cure.

My Reflections

When I heard the definition in class, I tried to relate it to my experiences from India. Government Health care in India is not great. The health care schemes offered by private players happen to be a much more prefered option. And so many people aren't able to afford it. So I was wondering in the class, just drawing a parallel to India, how relevant a Health Center might be for the Indian context where accessing normal health care is difficult for people. However when I looked up for the definitions of Health Center, I found something interesting here. It says - Health centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care. These include low income populations, the uninsured, those with limited English proficiency, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and those living in public housing.

Health Centers in India might be a good idea for India, with its booming middle-class population, it may be a great business venture. I will have to research more about such Health Centers in India.

On-site Health Care caters to a specific community (for example the Gatech student community here). Like a business enterprise may be providing health care to its employees at a cheaper rate vis-a-vis a Government Health Care center. How is it advantageous to the business enterprise providing health care facilities for its employees ?? I am not sure whether employees really come back early to office if they are treated in an On-Site Health Center as compared to a normal Health Care/ Hospital. However whats hugely advantageous is that the bond between the employer and the employee increases. The trust which the employee might have for the employer increases (assuming the treatment has been great). So employee attrition may be reduced, morale is increased, productivity. Need to think about more advantages !!