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F.A.S.T: Flexible, All-in-One, Space, Technology Patient Encounter Room Designs: Focused on the exam table in the limited space, exam rooms do not support the other functions such as consultation and education efficiently. We propose alternative exam room designs which offer flexibility, space efficiency and increased communication as well as one stop clinic.

Problems with Exam Rooms

Space: Crowded exam room - no defined storage - lot of equipment kept not used - exam table not needed frequently, it occupies space

The biggest constraint in exam rooms is space. Exam table occupies approximately 20 % of the available space (exam table: 2'6" x 6' (15 sf), minimum exam room is 8'x10' so it is about 15/ 80 = 18% ) . However, physical exam happens in less than half of the visits [1]

Patient Experience: All the exam room furniture makes everybody anxious and uncomfortable

The rectangular tables remains the hierarchy between the caregiver and the patient.

Functionality: Most current onsite health centers provide certain health care services (e.g. primary care, wellness coaching). They are neither full-service hospitals nor ERs (emergency room). The issues lie in what kinds of care services and what ranges of treatments we are to provide in this specific health facility.

The current designs emphasize the examination but does not support all of the exam room functions such as effective consultation and communication.

Too many steps: When a patient visit provider, she/he as well as the providers goes through multiple steps in multiple places: check-in, waiting, examination, lab-test, storage, etc.

Solution: F.A.S.T: Flexible, All-in-One, Space, Technology

We propose alternative exam room designs which offer flexibility, space efficiency and increased communication as well as one stop clinic.

1. Flexible Foldable Exam Chair, Stored Medical Equipment

Foldable Exam Chair gives the flexibility to caregivers to use the space more efficiently and effectively.

Automated Devlivery System disguise the medical equipment when they are not need.

Medical Equipment Storage

All the exam room furniture makes everybody anxious and uncomfortable, providing foldable exam table and stored medical equipment and demonstrating a round table focused room with sink, it resembles a lunch break where you are sitting at the table with your colleague, enjoying your lunch relaxing. As a result, proposed designs give flexiblity to change the ambiance of the room for different purposes

2. All-in-One Vitals, Examination, Lab, Consultation

Foldable exam chair changes the focus in the exam room, the center becomes the half-round / round table with the proposed design which promotes communication and consultation.

3. Space


Half-round Family Conference Table: Recent studies shows that people learn more when they’re collaborating on the same level, side by side. Both the patient and provider communicate better and learn more [2].

4. Technology A Compuer Monitor (& Arm)

Delivered Equipment

Patient Encounter Room Design - Floor Plan, Context Plan, Axonometric View & Perspectives Views

Type A:

When the patient enters the room, she/ he glances at the half - round conference table and a monitor; there is no exam table. This changes the perception of exam room.

conventional storage, clinical staff open closet, pick-up equipment then mount to the wall

Floor Plan


Context Plan


Axonometric View

091124 axo type a.jpg

Perspective Views

091124 type a 1 rv2.1.jpg

091124 type a 2 rv2.1.jpg

Type B - automatic delivery system, clinical staff push a button, then equipment will be shipped to designed 6 slots (panels)

This design meets the caregivers' needs as well. It provides provider space in the back so that the patient and provider circulation do not intersect.

Floor Plan


Context Plan


Axonometric View

091124 axo type b rv1.jpg

Perspective Views

091124 type b 1 rv1.jpg

091124 type b 2 rv1.jpg

Type C

This type incorporate lab function as well.

Floor Plan


Context Plan


Axonometric View

091124 axo type c.jpg

Perspective Views

091124 type c 1 rv1.jpg

091124 type c 2 rv1.jpg

Medical Equipment List