MinuteMed--The Smart Medication Vending Machine

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Team Members

Whitney Haller, Subhav Mital, Dinesh Joshi, and Manas Apte

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For the project, we created a medication vending kiosk with "smart software" installed and accessible through a touch screen. MinuteMed serves as a diagnoser, medication dispenser, and venue to talk to an online nurse practitioner or other health professional. The program operates by comparing a patient's symptoms to past cases and a database of patient records, and it attempts to recommend an over-the-counter drug that will temporarily alleviate symptoms. If its able to successfully determine the ailment and recommend a medication, it will dispense it. If the software cannot recommend a medication with a predetermined percentage of accuracy, the patient will be routed to an online healthcare professional and can talk through their symptoms. This professional will have the ability to help the patient to the next step in treatment or write an electronic prescription that can be taken to a local pharmacy. This program can also be used from an employee's computer (without the touch screen interaction), and the medication can be dispensed to a central kiosk in the workplace. The billing would be either centralized or done at the patient’s work place and taken out of his pay check.


MinuteMed Brochure

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